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Freely we serve because we freely love, as in our Will to love or not; in this we Stand or Fall.

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Linus Lohoff, Blue Blues



the internet summed up in one gif set


“The Mylo Xyloto tour has been the most fun we’ve ever had as a band. It’s felt very uplifting right from the start; partly because we are proud of the music, the LED wristbands, the pyrotechnics, the lasers and all of that stuff, but mainly because of the amazing audiences that we’ve been playing for.” - Chris Martin



"True Love comes in many forms"

since i’ve equated a few of my favorite dreamworks movies to celestial bodies, i wanted to do something similar with a few disney/pixar movies that i love and love seems to be just the right theme !!

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❝ Some books are so familiar that reading them is like returning home again. ❞

- Louisa May AlcottLittle Women  (via watersaugus)


I can’t be a wizard

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Ben Howard - Promise